Medicare professionals training in mental development

a mental health consultants agency bent on researching the mental development of children and seniors while providing care services to benefit the overall quality of families everywhere through our stem programs MediCare Professionals on Social Media

Stem Programs:

•Achieve The Early Dream Program

a child care program that allows children to use professional development

•Reach for Your Heart Program

a senior adult day care or total care service for those suffering from a mental disability

•Come Clean Program

An inmate rehabilitation program that provides educational training, housing and promotes a 16 month employment program

*houses children of innates to protect from CPS services

•Seasonal Activities

community development activity which our clients and students can express there skills by showing the world there professional developments projects toward bettering local communities

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MediCare Professionals Training In Mental Development LLC

a mental health consultants agency which provides quality care, professional development activities and (coming-soon) child care/life nationally recognized training to those seeking to evolve there new members Life or seeking to change there position. MCP houses 4 stem programs that allows us to genuinely care for your future in a positive direction.

• Achieve The Early Dream Program

a family owned child care center that teaches professional development activities to early learners

• Reach for Your Heart Program

a family owned senior adult day care or total care center services in Washington state for only those suffering from a mental disability

• Come Clean Program

a inmate program currently in development, to reduce the amount of delinquency behavior in national communities by allowing a training, housing and 16 months of re-building of personal lives back into the community at a healthy rate

Seasonal Activities

Community development activities to promote children’s ability to get involved in the community by showing off there skills and knowledge


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