MediCare Professionals Training In Mental Development LLC

a mental health consultants agency which provides quality care, professional development activities and (coming-soon) child care/life nationally recognized training to those seeking to evolve there new members Life or seeking to change there position. MCP houses 4 stem programs that allows us to genuinely care for your future in a positive direction.

• Achieve The Early Dream Program

a family owned child care center that teaches professional development activities to early learners

• Reach for Your Heart Program

a family owned senior adult day care or total care center services in Washington state for only those suffering from a mental disability

• Come Clean Program

a inmate program currently in development, to reduce the amount of delinquency behavior in national communities by allowing a training, housing and 16 months of re-building of personal lives back into the community at a healthy rate

Seasonal Activities

Community development activities to promote children’s ability to get involved in the community by showing off there skills and knowledge